About Us

Bostick Family Light Show

We're located at 29195 Sheridan St Garden City Michigan, 48135

on 95.1 FM 

Our First Year

In our first year doing a synchronized light show my wife Christina and I set out to bring Halloween back to our neighborhood. During the first 5 years we lived at our house we had less then 100 trick or treaters combined over those 5 years. Halloween is Christina's favorite holiday so we were determined to increase our trick or treating traffic.

I have a strong electrical and computer background so I worked to combine the two and join the xLights community. I began this adventure in July 2020, with plans to run a Halloween show in just a few months. I met some great people in the official Facebook group and quickly learned the basics and started building.

We built our first show and quickly realized we needed to order more stuff. We added roughly double the pixels of our original design and the community seemed to fall in love. We saw rapid growth on our Facebook page, gaining several thousands of followers in a few short weeks. 

We decided to raise money for a non profit, we chose The Stork Foundation for Infertility. My Wife Christina and I struggled to start a family for a few years including a failed round of IVF. After running our light show for Halloween we raised $2,724 dollars and donated all 100% of it. That must have provided some good karma, because just 11 days later my wife and I underwent a second round of IVF and it was successful. We now have 2 twin girls Avery and Audrey. 

While my wife was working on our twin girls it was time for me to get our Christmas show going. We more than doubled our pixel count from Halloween for Christmas. We had to rush to get our show up and running before Nov 17. One of my best friends passed away unexpectedly over the summer and Nov 17 is his birthday, so we designed a special sequence just for his memory. It can be viewed here. After a tearful viewing, it was time to jump into the Christmas spirit

Our Christmas show began in late November 2020 and quickly became even more popular than our Halloween show. We decided to raise money for DAWG for this light show and we raised $4,571.16 for them, again we donated all 100% of it! During our Christmas shows we made the local new, radios and papers. If you want to see the stories click here.

We had a lot of sequences we enjoyed, but felt they did not fit for Christmas, so we ran a New Years Eve light show as well and it was also very popular. All good things must come to an end, and our light show was no different. We took down the display patiently waiting until next time. 

Our next show was for Valentine's Day 2021with another custom sequence. It can be purchased on our Sequence page. Our Valentine's Day show was also popular but only featured one song. 

Our next show was the 4th of July 2021. For this show we pulled out all the stops! We had a 7 song set, including several custom sequences available on our sequence page. We ran the show during the 4th of July weekend, but on the 4th of July we had an Ice Cream truck show up for the kids, and integrated fireworks into our show. Our sequence had timing marks to ignite the fireworks to be in sync with the show, the firework show can be viewed here.

Next up will be Halloween 2021. Subscribe to our social media channels @bostickfamilylightshow to get all our updates!