SFX Step by Step Guide

How to use BF Light Shows SFX Add On packages
We highly recommend you use one of the machines we have listed below
Froggys Fog - Fobble F3
Froggys Fog - Fobble F4
Global Special Effects - Up Shot Fog
Amazon TC  Fobble Machine
We have created models for each of these props, and highly recommend using our models or we cannot guarantee your machines will work correctly. 
Note - For the machines that have lights, we had to create multiple models. Please ensure you are using all of them. 
Step 1. Download our model which can be found Here
Step 2. Add the "Lights" model to your All/Everything group and any others you would like to control the lights on the SFX machines. 
Step 3, Add the models to your serial port starting with the model that includes the "1" then daisy chain the remaining models in order. 1, 2-4, 5-8 etc 
Step 4. Import the models from our SFX package to your sequence.