Tutorial Videos

Getting Started


How To Build A Holiday Music Light Show using ws2811 - Part 1 - xlights

How To Build A Light Show - Part 2 Import from Tom Betgeorge & xatw

How To Build A Light Show - Part 3 Falcon Controller

How To Build A Light Show - Part 4 WS2811/WS2812B Pixels, DMX and P5 Panels

Mounting Props to the Roof


P5 Panels

P5 Panels - Part 1 Panel Build + FPP & xLights Configuration

P5 Panels Part 2 Enclosure Build


Pixel2Things AC Board - Enclosure + xLights Configuration

Sequencing Tips

Vertical Text on a Column Matrix

Sequencing Gilbert Engineering Flying Bats

Creating and Adjusting A Spotlight Effect


Building Prop Videos

DIY - How To Build LED Arches for Halloween/Christmas & Other Holidays

Customize ws2811 Light Show Props - Complete Tutorial including xLights

Everything You Need to Know About Wireless DMX Bracelets

What are wireless LED bracelets??