The Haunted Mansion/Thriller Remix Version

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Calling all Haunted Mansion and Thriller Fans. We break the mold with this one, this brand new sequence features some amazing effects including the new and popular spotlight effect. Our Bats, Spiders and Tombs keep the beat throughout the song, and even features the Spiders dancing/clapping to the beat with a Moonwalking MJ!  

Our new layout features, outlines, icicles, a Pixel Matrix, a P5 Matrix, Tomb stones, Singing Pumpkins, Spooky Tree, GE Bats, Boscoyo Studio Bats and Spiders, Verticals, Horizontals, Arches, Floodlights and Carved Pumpkins that could also function as peace stakes. This sequence also includes wireless LED bracelets, and DMX fog machine already sequenced! 

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