RGB Sequences - Bon Jovi – Livin’ On A Prayer

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Bon Jovi – Livin’ On A Prayer

Music Not Included in Packaged Sequence
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We offer this xLights Sequence as two Layout Options a Standard (HD) Layout and a Lite Layout.

Note this Text Effects used in this sequence to show the WOAH on the tree may need a adjustment if you have a 16 String Mega Tree due to the different resolution compared to the 32 String Mega Tree in our Layout. Here is a link to a screen shot showing the suggested  settings for a 16 String Mega Tree.  Alternatively we have included the Mega Tree effects as a mp4 file which will map well to any Mega Tree which wont require any adjustments to the text effects.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/wv0o8fpjerb4lgu/Bon%20Jovi%20LOAP%20Mega%20Tree%20Test%20Settings.jpg?dl=0 


Standard (HD) Layout –  House Outline , Icicles, Snowflakes (GE Flake I, GE Flake A, Boscoyo Ice Queen Snowflake & Ice Princess Chromaflake, EFL Designs EFLake46), Flood Lights, Spiral Trees, Arches, Mega Tree and Star, MiniTrees and Stars, Large Spinner (inc Sub Models), Matrix effects, Gilbert Engineering Rosa Wreath and MOAW, Boscoyo Geo Wreath, EFL Designs Fan Arches and Showstopper Snowflake.

You can download the models used including the specific submodels and groups created for easy mapping of the High Density (HD) props from the FAQ page. FAQ and Disclaimer – RGB Sequences

Prior to purchasing please note we are unable to provide personal technical or instructions on how to import sequences to your layout, please refer to our FAQ webpage for some general sequence import tips and Layout Guide.


Standard (HD) Layout also includes Matrix Effects, Gilbert Engineering Rosa Wreath and MOAW’s, the Boscoyo Geo Wreaths and the EFL Designs Fan Arches and Showstopper Snowflake as shown below. Note the HD props inc Rosa Wreath, Geo Wreath and MOAW utilise the submodels.  Includes Lyric Tracks


Lite Layout – House Outline, Snowflakes, Flood Lights, Spiral Trees, Arches, MegaTree and Star, MiniTrees and Stars, Large Spinner and Matrix Effects. Note Lyric Track not included