Ladies and Gentlemen - Full Song

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This high energy sequence is sure to kick your show off with a bang! It starts off with an awesome guitar riff played perfectly on the tombstones before the song kicks into full gear and the house comes alive! This sequence has more effects, layers and detail then any of our other sequences and it shows! Even with all the detail it has been designed with importing in mind and designed using standard groups and minimal individual props to making importing a breeze. 


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HD Display Elements Order: All, All House, House Outlines, All Bats - Non Flying, All Bats - Wings Down, All Bats - Wings Up, All Crosses, All Ghosts, All Matrix Group, All Spiders, All Spiders - All Legs, All Spiders - Body, All Spiders - Hourglass, All Spiders - Legs 1, All Spiders - Legs 2, All Spiders - Legs 3, All Spiders - Legs 4, All Spiders - Legs 5, All Spiders - Legs 6, All Spiders - Legs 7, All Spiders - Legs 8, All Spiders - Mouth, All Tombs, Arches, DMX - Wristband 1-2 (Controller), DMX - Wristband 3-5 (Lights), Floodlights, GE MOAW - Left, GE MOAW - Left/Matrix Bottom, GE MOAW - Left/Matrix Top, GE MOAW - Left/Matrix All, GE MOAW - Left/Spoke Even, GE MOAW - Left/Spokes Odd, GE MOAW - Right, GE MOAW - Right/Matrix Bottom, GE MOAW - Right/Matrix Top, GE MOAW - Right/Matrix All, GE MOAW - Right/Spoke Even, GE MOAW - Right/Spokes Odd, GE MOAW Atom GRP, GE MOAW Feathers Even GRP, GE MOAW Feathers ODD GRP, GE MOAW Hook CCW GRP, GE MOAW Rings GRP, GE Mega Skull - Left, GE Rosa Grande, GE Rosa Grande/Outer Ring, GE Rosa Grande Feather Long Even GRP, GE Rosa Grande Feather Long Odd GRP, GE Rosa Grande Outer Ball GRP, GE Rosa Grande Outer Ring GRP, GE Rosa Grande Ribbon GRP, GE RosaWreath - Left, GE RosaWreath - Left/Outer Ring, GE RosaWreath - Right, GE RosaWreath - Right/Outer Ring, GE RosaWreath Feather Even GRP, GE RosaWreath Feather Odd GRP, GE RosaWreath Outer ring GRP, GE RosaWreath Ribbons GRP, GE RosaWreath Ribbons Single GRP, GE RosaWreath Wavy outlines GRP, Horizontal Lines, Icicles, MH Dimmers/Strand 1, MH Dimmers/Strand 1/Node 1, MH Dimmers/Strand 1/Node 2, MH Dimmers/Strand 1/Node 3, MH Dimmers/Strand 1/Node 4, MH Dimmers/Strand 1/Node 5, MH Dimmers/Strand 1/Node 6, MH Dimmers/Strand 1/Node 7, MH Dimmers/Strand 1/Node 8, MH Pan/Strand 1/Node 1, MH Pan/Strand 1/Node 2, MH Pan/Strand 1/Node 3, MH Pan/Strand 1/Node 4, MH Pan/Strand 1/Node 5, MH Pan/Strand 1/Node 6, MH Pan/Strand 1/Node 7, MH Pan/Strand 1/Node 8, MH Shutters, MH Tilt/Strand 1/Node 1, MH Tilt/Strand 1/Node 2, MH Tilt/Strand 1/Node 3, MH Tilt/Strand 1/Node 4, MH Tilt/Strand 1/Node 5, MH Tilt/Strand 1/Node 6, MH Tilt/Strand 1/Node 7, MH Tilt/Strand 1/Node 8, Matrix - P5, Matrix - Pixel, Mega Tree, Mega Tree Spider, Mega Tree Spider/Body, Mega Tree Spider/Back V, Mega Tree Spider/Leg 1, Mega Tree Spider/Leg 2, Mega Tree Spider/Leg 3, Mega Tree Spider/Leg 4, Mega Tree Spider/Leg 5, Mega Tree Spider/Leg 6, Mega Tree Spider/Leg 7, Mega Tree Spider/Leg 8, Mega Tree Spider/Mouth, Pixel Forest Group, PPD Wreath - Left, PPD Wreath - Left/SpiralsCW, PPD Wreath - Left/SpiralsCCW, PPD Wreath - Left/Star3, PPD Wreath - Left/StarOffset1, PPD Wreath - Left/DiamondArm6, PPD Wreath - Left/Stars, PPD Wreath - Left/Petals, PPD Wreath - Left/Petals1, PPD Wreath - Right, PPD Wreath - Right/SpiralsCW, PPD Wreath - Right/SpiralsCCW, PPD Wreath - Right/Star3, PPD Wreath - Right/StarOffset1, PPD Wreath - Right/Petal1, PPD Wreath - Right/DiamondArm6, PPD Wreath - Right/Stars, PPD Wreath - Right/Petals, Radio_EFL/Outline, Radio_EFL/Handle, Radio_EFL/Tune to Matrix, Radio_EFL/Large matrix, Radio Speakers, Singing - Spooky Tree, Singing Pumpkin - Left, Singing Pumpkin - Right, Showstopper Spinner Left, Showstopper Spinner Left/09 Big Petals- Odd, Showstopper Spinner Left/10 Big Petals-Even, Showstopper Spinner Left/14 Trophies, Showstopper Spinner Left/17 Spinners - Short, Showstopper Spinner Left/23 Fireworks, Showstopper Spinner Left/24 Trident, Showstopper Spinner Left/42 Eyes, Showstopper Spinner Left/68 Squiggle 1, Showstopper Spinner Left/69 Squiggle 2, Showstopper Spinner Left/70 Outline, Showstopper Spinner Right, Showstopper Spinner Right/09 Big Petals- Odd, Showstopper Spinner Right/10 Big Petals-Even, Showstopper Spinner Right/23 Fireworks, Showstopper Spinner Right/42 Eyes, Showstopper Spinner Right/68 Squiggle 1, Showstopper Spinner Right/69 Squiggle 2, Showstopper Spinner Right/70 Outline, Spin Arches - Fan, Spin Arches - Outer Band, Spin Arches - Spinner Concentric, Spin Arches - Spokes, Spinners, Tomb - 1, Tomb - 2, Tomb - 3, Tomb - 4, Tomb - 5, Tomb - 6, Tomb - 7, Tomb - 8, Vertical Lines, Vertical Matrices, Windows


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 HD Layout Preview

Standard Groups in order include: Singing props, House Outlines, Horizontal Outlines, Windows, Icicles, All Spiders, All Bats, All Bats - Non Flying, All Bats - Wings Down, All Bats - Wings Up, Arches, All Tombs, Flood Lights, All Bush Eyes, and Pumpkins. 

Standard Individual Props include: DMX Wristband Controller, DMX Wristband Pixels, Tomb 1-8 Singing Pumpkin, and Singing Spooky Tree.

 Standard Layout Preview