Danger Zone - XATW 22

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BF Light Shows is proud to partner with xLights Around the World to bring the community a free sequence, this year one of the song choices was Danger Zone! We had already released Danger Zone and decided we would give it a make over and release a free version for everyone to use.


Click here to get the audio file

If you are looking for HD Props, Moving Heads or other add on's check out the our other versions of this sequence on our 4th of July, Halloween, and Christmas each with it's own twist or our add on's including Moving Heads, and custom singing Tom Cruise.


Display Order: Entire Display, Entire House Face, Outlines, Snowflakes, Candy Canes, Archs, Mini Trees, Flood Lights, Singing Bulbs, Singing Faces Matrix 1, MegaTree Singing Faces, Singing Bulb 1, Star2, Star1, MegaTree1, Spinner, Matrix2, Matrix1, P10


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