Home Alone Medley

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AHHHHHHHH! This is it. Don't get scared now. This Home Alone medley includes iconic music from the 1990 movie soundtrack along with some of your favorite movie quotes too.

can only be found here at BF Light Shows

The audio was custom created and is included 

HD Layout 

(Coming soon)

SD Layout 

SD Layout Display Elements: 

 All, House Outlines, Horizontal Lines, Vertical Lines, Icicles, All Snowflakes, Snowflakes EFL Big Spokes, Snowflakes Boscoyo Arms, Spinners, Spinners - All Spokes, Spinners - Center Nodes, Spinners - Inner Circle-1, Spinners - Outer Rings, Arches, All Canes, Floodlights, All Mini Trees with Stars, All Mini Trees - No Stars, All Mini Trees Stars, All Real Big Lights, Mega Tree, Mega Tree Star, Arch - Left, Arch - Left Middle, Arch - Right Middle, Arch - Right, Mini Tree - 1, Mini Tree - 2, Mini Tree - 3, Mini Tree - 4, Mini Tree - 5, Mini Tree - 6, Flake - T1, Flake - T2, Flake - T3, Flake - T4, Flake - T5, Flake - T6, Singing Bulb - Left, Singing Bulb - Right, Singing Bulb - Right/Base, Singing Tree - Left, Singing Tree - Left/Tree Outline, Singing Tree - Left/Eyes Open, Singing Tree - Left/Middle Lip, DMX - Wristband 1-2 (Controller), DMX - Wristband 3-5 (Lights), All - Bottom, Matrix - Pixel