RGB Sequences - Majestic x Boney M – Rasputin

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Majestic x Boney M – Rasputin

Audio file can be purchased from;


Note this sequence does use Shader Effects and to obtain the results shown in the preview videos the same render order as RGB Sequences is required. You can view RGB Sequences render order by opening this sequence on RGB Sequences Layout. using the “Change Temporarily” option on the Controllers Tab.

The Shader effects may also cause slow rendering times.

Also note the House Vertical and Roof submodels are used for the effects on the house outline and you are recommended to have similar submodels on your layout to obtain the results shown in the preview videos.

We offer this xLights Sequence as two Layout Options a Standard (HD) Layout and a Lite Layout.

Standard (HD) Layout –  House Outline , Icicles Snowflakes, Flood Lights, Spiral Trees, Arches, MegaTree and Star, MiniTrees and Stars, Large Spinner (inc Sub Models), Matrix effects, Gilbert Engineering Rosa Wreath and MOAW, Boscoyo Geo Wreath, EFL Design Fan Arches.


Note this is a large sequence file to download due to the Matrix effects also included as a .avi video file (the original effects are also included), and may take a few minutes to download the file once purchased.

Prior to purchasing please note we are unable to provide personal technical or instructions on how to import sequences to your layout, please refer to our FAQ web page for some general sequence import tips and Layout Guide.

Standard (HD) Layout also includes Matrix Effects, Gilbert Engineering Rosa Wreath and MOAW’s and the Boscoyo Geo Wreaths as shown below. Note the HD props inc Rosa Wreath, Geo Wreath, MOAW and EFL Design Fan Arches utilise the submodels.


Lite Layout – House Outline, Snowflakes, Flood Lights, Spiral Trees, Arches, MegaTree and Star, MiniTrees and Stars, Large Spinner and Matrix Effects.


You can find downloads for the High Density props with the Submodels and Groups on our FAQ page FAQ and Disclaimer – RGB Sequences

You are purchasing a packaged xLights sequence you can instantly download, save and import the effects into your Display Layout.

A free lyric track for this song can be download from here (you need to right click and add a new timing track within the sequence and import this xtiming).




Please refer to our FAQ and Disclaimer Page you are not licensed to share, sell, or trade any sequences purchased from this site, including custom sequences, singing faces or effects.

Grouping Map of the Standard Layout to aid you as our Sequences have the effects applied at Group Levels for easy importing is available from our FAQ website page

If you experience any issues downloading this sequence please contact us.