Monster Mash Version by Leo

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Monster Mash Metal Version by Leo is a fun spin on a classic Halloween song. Our fun Boris custom singing face adds a unique element to the sequence you haven't seen before! There are a ton of great effects that will bring out the kid in all of us! Don't miss your chance to own this sequence buy it now!

Our layout features, outlines, icicles, a Pixel Matrix, a P5 Matrix, Tomb stones, Singing Pumpkins, Spooky Tree, GE Bats, Boscoyo Studio Bats and Spiders, Verticals, Horizontals, Arches, Floodlights and Carved Pumpkins that could also function as peace stakes. This sequence also includes wireless LED bracelets, and DMX fog machine already sequenced! 

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Audio File is not included, but can be purchased here: