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Introducing the BFLS Monthly Membership. BF Light Shows is proud to partner with RGB Sequences. Our one of a kind membership is the first and only of it's kind that will allow our members to pick a sequence from either BF Light Shows or RGB Sequences and use a single membership. 

To access the full library of sequences please sign in with your member account and visit our Members page. 

Includes 1 Sequence Credit per month

  • 1 Credit will be given immediately via digital download
  • New Credits will be emailed on the first of every month (for active members)
  • Credits will be used in exchange for a sequence
  • Example 1 Credit = up to (1) $45 sequence or 1 Credit = (1) $25 sequence + (1) $20 sequence 
  • Member sequences will not exceed $45
  • Credits can be used for BF Light Shows or RGB Sequences in the Members section of the BF Light Shows store
  • These Credits can be used any time and do not expire, but you must be an active member to redeem

12 Free Animations (1 per month)

  • Animations are simple sequences without music and can be a great way to fill before or after musical shows start/end
  • Animations are also great for other holidays that may have limited props
  • These Credits will be issued once per month

Discounts codes for the following vendors

BF Light Shows 10% Storewide will be given via digital download (including Steve’s Push Button Music Signs)

RGB Sequences 10% off will be given via digital download

Please note that prices for RGB Sequences are different on BF Light Shows then they are on