Peaches - Bowser/Jack Black (Super Mario Brothers Movie)

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The smash hit movie The Super Mario Brothers has a top 100 billboard song called Peaches sang by iconic Jack Black and we sequenced it! This fun and vibrant sequence will be sure to dazzle kids and adults alike get your copy now!


We designed this sequence to be as simple as possible to import and used minimal groups making importing a breeze! Everything is included in the sequence download.

You can use the Media > video > peaches - hd. as your audio and video source


The Bowser and Princess Peach Prop can be purchased here

Render Order: All, All - No Matrix, House Outlines, Horizontal Lines, Icicles, All - Eyes, All Bats - Wings Up, All Spiders, Arches, Spin Arch - Left/Outer Band, Spin Arch - Right/Outer Band, Spin Arches - Outer Band, Spin Arches - Matrix, Spin Arches - All, All Crosses, Fence, Floodlights, Pixel Forest, All Tombs, All Tombs - Outlines, GE MOAW, GE MOAW Feathers Even GRP, GE MOAW Feathers ODD GRP, GE RosaWreath, GE RosaWreath Feather Even GRP, GE RosaWreath Feather Odd GRP, IC Spinner Web V10, IC Spinner Web Web Even GRP, PPD Wreath, PPD Wreath Spiral CClockwise, PPD Wreath Spiral Clockwise, baddie500, PrincessPink_500, Matrix - Pixel, Matrix - P5, Radio_EFL/Tune to Matrix, Radio_EFL/Speaker Star, Radio_EFL/Large matrix, MH Dimmers, MH Pan/Strand 1/Node 1, MH Pan/Strand 1/Node 2, MH Pan/Strand 1/Node 3, MH Pan/Strand 1/Node 4, MH Pan/Strand 1/Node 5, MH Pan/Strand 1/Node 6, MH Pan/Strand 1/Node 7, MH Pan/Strand 1/Node 8, MH Shutters, MH Tilt/Strand 1/Node 1, MH Tilt/Strand 1/Node 2, MH Tilt/Strand 1/Node 3, MH Tilt/Strand 1/Node 4, MH Tilt/Strand 1/Node 5, MH Tilt/Strand 1/Node 6, MH Tilt/Strand 1/Node 7, MH Tilt/Strand 1/Node 8


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