Push Button Music Sign (Aux/3.5mm version)

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We are proud to offer the famous ‘Steve’s Push Button Setup’ that so many people love! The push button setup is a great addition to a pixel light show that is synchronized to music. Steve’s Push Button Setup allows viewers on foot to hear the same show music that you offer to viewers in their vehicle via an FM transmitter. You set the amount of time you want the music to play though speakers in your yard and once that timer runs out, the external music stops playing but the FM transmitter music and the light show is not affected! Viewers on foot love having the power to be able to interact with the show by pressing a button for music! The setup includes everything needed to get started! All you need to supply is a post, a speaker or two, and little bit of your imagination!


We are the only vendor to also offer a 4th of July sign option! 


 Shipping is included in the price! 

**Please allow up to 1 week lead time.**


Steve’s Push Button Introduction

Setting the relay run time