Courtesy of The Red, White and Blue - Toby Keith

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Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue by Toby Keith is an American Classic. Whether you are celebrating the 4th of July or Veterans Day this sequence will grab you audience's attention with custom designed graphics and animations. This Sequence features everything you will need, Stars, Mega Tree, Mega Tree Star, Flood Lights, Column Matrices, House outlines, Icicles, Verticals, Horizontals, Arches, P5 Matrix, Wristband Pixels and the Lyric track sang by Uncle Sam on the Matrix. Get your copy today! 


If you want an even more detailed sequence, check out our HD Layout version. This one will blow your mind. It features everything included in the traditional layout with the addition of the PPD Wreath, Boscoyo Fan Arches, Spinners, Column Matrices, ECC's custom designed Pixel Fence. Pixel Poles with Stars, an extra large Pixel Matrix and even DMX wireless bracelets. Grab this one for only a few bucks more! 


Audio Track is not included, but can be purchased here


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Courtesy of the Red White and Blue Traditional Layout

Courtesy of the Red White and Blue HD Layout