Skeleton Sam - LVCRFT

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This fun and catchy song has one of the most vibrant and high contrast color pallets we have ever used. This sequence is sure to be fun for the whole family.

The Standard Layout sequence utilizes the following groups: All, All House, Spinners, All Bats, All Tombs, All Tombs RIP, Left Half Tombs, Right Half Tombs, Spooky Eyes, Arches, House Outlines, Horizontal Lines, and Vertical Lines.

It has effects on specific props including 16 Spiders, 4 Arches, DMX wireless bracelets, DMX fog Machine, and pixel matrix.

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 HD Display Elements Order: Everything, All, All House, Spinners, All Ghosts, All Bats, All Bats - Non Flying, All Bats - Wings Down, All Bats - Wings Up, All Tombs, All Tombs - RIP, All Tombs - Left Half, All Tombs - Right Half, All Crosses, Arches, Spin Arches - Mid Band, Spin Arches - Outer Band, Spin Arches - Spinner Concentric, Spin Arches - Spokes, Spin Arches - Swirls, House Outlines, Horizontal Lines, Vertical Lines - No Matrices, Fence, Fence Horizontals, Singing - Spooky Tree, Singing Pumpkin - Right, Singing Pumpkin - Left, Matrix - Pixel, DMX - Wristband 1-2 (Controller), DMX - Wristband 3-5 (Lights), Spider Boscoyo - T1, Spider EFL - T2, Spider Boscoyo - T3, Spider EFL - T4, Spider EFL - T5, Spider Boscoyo - T6, Spider EFL - T7, Spider Boscoyo - T8, Spider EFL - B9, Spider Boscoyo - B10, Spider EFL - B11, Spider Boscoyo - B12, Spider Boscoyo - B13, Spider EFL - B14, Spider Boscoyo - B15, Spider EFL - B16, PPD Wreath, Arch - Left, Arch - Right, Spin Arch - Left/Arch 18, Spin Arch - Right/Arch 18, GE Mega Skull 1, GE Mega Skull 1/Eyebrow 1, GE Mega Skull 1/Eyebrow 2, MH Pan, MH Tilt, MH Dimmers, MH Dimmers/Strand 1Strand 1/Node 1, MH Dimmers/Strand 1Strand 1/Node 2, MH Dimmers/Strand 1Strand 1/Node 3, MH Dimmers/Strand 1Strand 1/Node 4, MH Dimmers/Strand 1Strand 1/Node 5, MH Dimmers/Strand 1Strand 1/Node 6, MH Dimmers/Strand 1Strand 1/Node 7, MH Dimmers/Strand 1Strand 1/Node 8, Skull Fence Skull, Radio_EFL/Tune to Matrix, Radio_EFL/Large matrix, Radio Speakers, Matrix - P5, GE MOAW, GE MOAW Atom GRP, GE MOAW Atom EVEN GRP, GE MOAW Atom ODD GRP, GE MOAW Feathers ODD GRP, GE MOAW Feathers GRP, PPD Wreath Petals Large ODD, PPD Wreath Spiral CClockwise, PPD Wreath Spiral Clockwise, PPD Wreath Petals Large, PPD Wreath Petals Large Even, PPD Wreath Petals, GE RosaWreath, GE RosaWreath Feather Even GRP, GE RosaWreath Feather Odd GRP, GE RosaWreath Arrows Double GRP, GE RosaWreath Circles Outer GRP, GE RosaWreath Feathers GRP, GE RosaWreath Peacock Medium GRP, Spinner_Web_V10, IC Spinner Web Web Even, IC Spinner Web Web Odd, IC Spinner Web Webs GROUP, IC Spinner Web Spokes Even, IC Spinner Web Tinsel Ring Even


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