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Frequently Asked Questions:

Light Show Visitors

  • Where are you located?
    • 29195 Sheridan St Garden City Michigan
  • What radio station do I turn to?
    • 95.1FM
  • What are the hours?
    • Our hours change based on the holiday, visit us on our Facebook Page for the latest information
  • What holidays do you do?
    • Currently we run a show for Valentine's Day, 4th of July, Halloween and Christmas. (check Facebook for show times/dates)
  • What do the bracelets do?
    • The LED bracelets are a fun way to make our show more interactive. They light up in sync with the show. They work automatically once they are powered on, and you arrive during our show. They are reusable and they will be programmed for all future shows.
    • You can learn more by watching this video


Lighting Enthusiasts

  • I am having an issue with a sequence, who do I contact?
    • Please email us and we can provide assistance. 
  • I want to start a light show, where do I start and how much is it?
    • To start I recommend joining the official xLights support group page on Facebook. Cost varies greatly depending on the complexity of the show, a rough estimate without labor is about $1 per pixel to cover the additional costs of wire, tape, props, controllers etc. 
  • Do you offer custom sequences?
    • Yes, we can do custom sequencing, cost is based on the complexity of the song choice, duration of the song and layout the sequence must be designed on. Please email us for inquiries.