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Q. How do I use your SFX Add On packages?

A. Our SFX Add On packages are designed to work with 4 particular Fog/Fobble Machines. If you are not using one of the listed fog machines, you will have to make adjustments to work with your machines.  


Q. What is included with the SFX Add On packages?

A. We include the programming for each of the 4 fog/fobble machines. They are programmed to provide various effects based on the song, lyrics, etc. We use Fog and Fobbles in every sequence. Lights are programmed in most of the add on's as well, but we recommend you add the "Light" model to your All groups as well. (see our step by step guide)


Q. Why is there no preview?

A. xLights cannot properly show SFX, we are using a Moving Head Model to simulate when the effects go off, but we feel it may look confusing to viewers who do not know what the machine will actually be doing


Q. How can we be sure they work?

A. We have tested every sequence on all 4 machines to ensure timing, effects, colors etc are all exactly how we want them.